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Loan Processing 

  1. Consult with loan agent and find out the most suitable loan program for you
  2. Prepare loan documents

a.       Fill out and Sign Loan Application and Disclosures forms

b.       2 most recent paystubs (calculate YTD)

c.        2 most recent W2

d.       Bank statements

e.        If self- employed, need 2 year of tax return

f.        If there is rental property, need 2 years of tax return

g.        Insurance and mortgage statement for all properties

h.       Driver license copy

i.         If Green Card, need BOTH sides of Green Card

  1. Get Good Faith Estimate from loan agent
  2.  Loan agent will prepare loan package, open escrow, and submit to lender
  3. Wait for lender’s conditional approval
  4. Order appraisal, appraiser will contact you to visit your house for appraisal
  5. Loan agent will communicate with you for additional documents to clear out lender conditions
  6. Loan agent will prepare supplementary documents to satisfy lender’s conditions
  7. After all lender conditions are clear, loan agent will order final loan documents
  8. Final loan documents will arrive escrow company, escrow company will prepare estimated closing cost statements for you to review
  9. Escrow company will arrange appointment with you to sign the final loan documents
  10. Final loan documents will be sent to lender, lender might ask additional documents as funding conditions
  11. After funding conditions are met, your loan will be funded.
  12. Loan process complete

Involved Parties

  • Loan agent: work with borrower directly, help borrower structure the loan
  • Escrow officer: prepare title related info, final sign off documents and recording
  • Loan processor: People handling paperwork's and application process for loan agent or mortgage broker and work with lender for details
  • Appraiser: Sent by Appraisal Company and do appraisal for specific lender.
  • Lender: bank that lends the money

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Mortgage Calculator

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Types of Mortgage Loans

All mortgage plans can be divided into categories in two different ways: conventional and government loan, and all others include fixed rate loans, adjustable rate loans and their combinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mortgage Broker vs Bank?

Major advantage: a mortgage broker can deal with many more lenders, while a bank can only offer various options of the same mortgage product.


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