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First time buyers
A very detailed and useful guideline for you as a reference when you purchasing home.

 Home buyer flowchart?
A direct perceived home purchase flowchart.


Description: at your fingertips!
Be the first to see the homes for sale in your area of interest.


Buyer's Home Inspection

This is the second major decision-making factor after the finances. See the checklist.


Preparing to Buy
Do not let that excitement make you forget about the key things that you need to consider when buying a home


Condo or Single Family Home
Understand the types of homes to help you search in the right direction.


New home or a resale?

Both types of properties have their own advantages. Check out the comparison list now.


Moving Tips
Find out what you can do to make the move less stressful on yourself and your family.


You need a Realtor
Discover the value of a Realtor in the home buying process and save yourself the headache.

 Renting vs Buying
What are the benefits of owning a home instead of just renting? Let's see the cost difference.


Who pays for what?
Explore the detailed charges occur during the home purchase process, and know your portion of responsible. Never pay extra!

 The Purchase agreement
Important and useful tips you need to know before sign your purchase agreement!


The Basics of making an offer

After you target your dream house, the next important move is to make an offer, and here is a professional guideline of the basics of making an offer.


Seller Disclosure 101
During the escrow process, you must inform the ?buyer of specialized conditions that affect your home. These may include the following conditions:





For Buyers

       Buying a home is very exciting whether you are a first time buyer or an old pro. The transaction can also be stressful but wither way I will see you through it. Some buyers want to know every detail of the home buying process while others want just the necessary information to get the job done. Either way we will always keep your best interest in mind.

        As you’re trusted and professional real estate partners, we will help you find the best home in your area. We guarantee your privacy will be respected; and together we will sell your house, for as much as the market will bear; in as short a time as is possible. Your total satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.



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